Baptism is more than four thousand years on Earth and in every part of the bible it has been held or discussed; it has always been by immersion in water, or in a flowing river.

I was baptised in the Catholic Church at the age of six months, by mere sprinkling of water on the head. The Irish Reverend Father then on looking at me insisted that part of his name should be given to me. He was named Raymond Cloonman. This baptism I had that is found nowhere in the bible was with me until the age of 20 years.

The day I was baptised in BCS by Evangelist Ngozi, then the oldest Evangelist in the fold, was the first time I ever saw an Angel in my life. The Angel who I could not decipher whether it was a male or female was of Persian colour and wore grey coloured Soutane and a twisted girdle. After some years the Father started using me to baptise others and below are few unique results of some of them;

  1. A staff of Agip in PH was married for five years without a child. When he was baptised in a stream, the same month the wife became pregnant.
  2. A police officer who had a family problem saw our TV programme and came for baptism and immediately after a waist pain of two years disappeared.
  3. A secondary school teacher in London, who lost his job on the suspicion of beating a child, was at home for 4 years. The day we discussed his problems I took him for baptism. The next month he got work in another country.
  4. A Couple of months ago 144,000 brother Itoro Abrahams baptised a white Briton (Tony Thomas) we had met in during evangelism. After the baptism a twenty year back and spinal problem disappeared! The pain disappeared and he had no more use for  his walking stick.

These few testimonies of baptism will never be heard in any other church or religious organisation on this Earth. In BCS people are buried with Christ in ‘Baptism of immersion’ in water three times and they rise up three times like Christ in the third day. Baptism of water and Holy Spirit takes place in BCS and that is why the baptism here is unique.

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