In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Now and forever more. Amen

Bishop(Elder) Peter Ifeacho one of the newly ordained Bishop in BCS by the Father during the Powerful Remnant event, According to Bishop Father’s blessings in his life and that of his entire family has been overwhelming and he gives all the glory and praises to our Father, this and many more as inspired him to share this testimony of himself and his entire family on how it all started, and their journey to BCS. he sincerely wish this testimony inspired someone, strengthen someone’s faith and also save souls, his testimony includes the efficacy of God’s Words, the impacts and blessings which has manifested in his life, and that of his entire family.

• Circa 1970’s , The Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu appeared in our mother’s Dream(Deaconess) and wrote the nearest address of BCS bethel for her to remember. Our Dad(Pastor) supported us to go to this address in Enugu, Enugu State. Amazingly that was accurate. We quickly dropped our former Christian faith and baptized. Following this divine calling, blessing after blessing. All in this pictured later got ordained.

• In 1995, I chose Marriagefellowship/purification(most challenging of all fellowships) and our Dad gave testimony as to getting permission from Leader OOO. The leader’s response was “Two boys has been handed to me and my Sister,Peace” inspite of visioner’s messages that she will not have issue.
Here they are Brother Samuel(Olumbanedum) and Brother SuperStar(Nnanedum) Ifeacho.

We laugh at those who come with covetous spirit and may Father forgive them since they do not know “the source” and the root of God.
• I Thank the Father for their celebrated birthdays this season around my birthdate. Father also made our joy complete by handing all boys to all my sibling including Brother Louis with three boys and helped us to raise an orphan Ogechukwu a special divine girl who came to us in dream and manifested in real life (the teenage mom and parents were crying how are they going to care for this child and we accepted).
• In his infancy, my younger sibling was pronounced dead and mom carried to a full-time worker and he beckoned on the name Olumba Olumba Obu. He woke up and enjoying his fourties.

• I was about to kick off my career after I graduated from school and I went to see the Father. He pronounced me a professor. Since then I have been a professor, rose to Deanship and now a director of a campus that existed for 150years old. Now academic and democracy eras are over and ruler ship of God is here to stay.” We are learning how to swim” that is to be guided by the Holy Spirit. He also blessed my siblings and protected us. As our joy rise, BCS kept waxing stronger and stronger and we never fail to honor and thank Holy Father and His Christ His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.

We are thankful and grateful in our Family that OOO guided us like a canoe paddler us to seek and know Him first, then He elevated us Himself. He encouraged us to use these top and admirable positions to grow and learn more. He comprehensively helped us as we count in thousands and millions. All college educated, He Favored us with children and grand children with good health and assured them with scholarships and stewardships to serve in this new kingdom (BCS) and pronounced one that will serve as 144,000 virgin and full time workers as divinely set. Building us new Bethel in our home town as we are now building bethels with others overseas.
May Glory be ascribed unto His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.
My prayers is Father Please continue to give us the zeal to pay our tithe and fulfill our pledges and help the poor till eternity.

We found no better way to sum it up than what we voiced in BCS-USA 2012 Anniversary right after ABBA Father in 34 Ambo Calabar, Nigeria

“At the wake of Abba Father and the eternal blessings of the over comer’s Convention we had a divine realization of the magnificent power and guidance of our Father.
Thank you our glorious Holy Father Olumba Olumba Obu for BCS USA and other BCS Anniversaries ’12 worldwide Counting our blessings:

• Great teachings of obedience and pure spiritual truth and recondite wisdom.
• Unquenchable love on all your children while infusing same in us to emulate you
• Grace that came out of the forgiveness of  our uncountable sins
• Joy and hope that are immeasurable
• Faith that came from your inner strength
• Abundance of blessings all these years
• Protection and endurance of human characters you passed on to us and many more
• Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity) to grow in. We learn and grow as children in this New Kingdom.

Bishop Peter Chinedum Ifeacho, Ph.D. BCS Celestial Elder in the throne of God The entire family of Ifeacho and all God’s Children

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Now and forever more. Amen


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