I am a policeman resident in central Tabaquite of Trinidad and Tobago. I was brought up in a fine Christian home. In 1963 I was baptized into the Pilgrim Holiness Church which has since merged with the Wesleyan Methodist Church. The fact that I was gainfully employed, with an attractive salary, made me spend my money on all that glitters, brushing aside basic Christian teachings and upbringing that were injected into me earlier. Having had a rendezvous with the city nightspots, I wanted to experience the outside world; my annual leave was accumulating and simultaneously my savings were building up. On my off-duty times, I would frequent theatres for late night movies.

Being a bachelor I had no steady girlfriend. It was a question of fun. Drinks such as Carib beer and Guinness stout were my preference. My resources started to dwindle on account of the world’s oldest vice: fornication.

I traveled to other West Indian Islands, Venezuela and America to satisfy my earthly and fleshly desires. Apparently the world was spinning too fast for me. I began to fall apart. My life became miserable and wretched. Money no longer lasted in my hands. Ten years passed without promotion in my job. I had no place called home. I rushed into marriage in an attempt to hide myself but marriage could not save me. All the drinking, fornicating, squandering and happy-go-lucky life became nothing before me. I was in deep despair. Sickness overcame my family and me; financial difficulties stared me in the face; frustration set in. I began to search for God. When medical doctors failed me, I gave up hope. My body was always weak. My job was shaky. I was continually on the move seeking shelter with friends and relatives alike. My marriage almost hit the rocks. The witch doctors took large sums of money from me promising that all will be well but nothing really worked out to my expectations. There was no end to my problems. Then the landlord started to humiliate me because of rents. Neighbors were no longer on friendly terms with me. Life became very rough for me for about fifteen years.

When I could take it no longer I resolved to move to the USA. Then a relative introduced me to the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. It was the first time I ever heard of it. I got baptized on January 23rd 1984. Ever since then God has changed my life. I now enjoy a stable and peaceful life. I no longer take alcohol neither do I lurk in the dark anymore with prostitutes. I thank God for this transformation.
The Holy Spirit accomplished what all other earthly man-made powers were unable to perform. I have been taken out of darkness and brought to light. The Holy Spirit revealed Himself to me and God has called me and placed me in this new kingdom. I am now tutored by the supernatural Teacher, Olumba Olumba Obu, on how to live in this new kingdom.

Thank You Father.

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