A famous American psychic with dozens of widely circulated books to his credit is reported to have said that God is now on earth in human form. And that he had discovered through astro-metaphysically means, that he was somewhere in Africa.

Andrew Tobia of USA in a publication in page 134 paragraph 7 down in Vol. 31, No. 3 of Playboy Magazine, March 1984 said “never in the history of mankind since the creation of the world has anybody anywhere in the world possessed the tremendous spiritual and supernatural power, universal influence, and the overall authority to determine the fate and the future of the people anywhere in the world and at anytime, as the Sole Spiritual Head of the BCS, Leader O.O. Obu”. “He has the universal power to determine and change the course of events as they affect individual or institutions. He has the supreme and unquestionable authority to solve all kinds of problems anywhere in the world.”

“He was able for example, to conduct a spiritual X-ray of Mrs. Grace Cosmos Tom, who at the time of her difficulty was two and half years (30 months) pregnant. By following Olumba Olumba Obu’s instructions, she was safely delivered of a baby as advertised in the New York times. The most amazing thing about Leader Obu is that the mere mentioning of His initials (O.O.O) is enough to take away any physical, spiritual or material problems.”

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