During the Nigerian Civil War in about 1968 the authorities of the Nigerian Air Force had ordered one of its very functional bomber jets to bring down No. 26 Mbukpa Road Calabar, the residence of Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, and then headquarters of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

They had received reports that the Great Leader was harboring many Ibos and those considered as saboteurs against the federal military government of General Yakubu Gowon, which had declared the war to keep Nigeria one indivisible country.

No 26 Mbukpa was the safest place and where normalcy prevailed in Calabar during that war. Non-believers and many who believed in the supremacy and divine deity of the Father assembled there daily in peace and love, and received divine teaching from the Supernatural Teacher.

According to available records and other chronicles, dreaded war leader, late Brigadier Benjamin Adekunle who was popularity called the Black Scorpion because of his atrocious activities during that war and other commanders met over No 26 Mbukpa. They sent soldiers several times to invade the peace of the abode of the Sole Spiritual Head and also arrest His children and adherents, especially the Ibos. But on several times that they arrived the gate of 26 Mbukpa they could not move beyond it. Yet they saw no one physically stopping them!

Adekunle had to employ the services of his counterparts in the Air Force to rather use air power and level everything about 26 Mbukpa.

As soon as the decision was taken to use the fighter jet to bomb 26, the once very technically sound jet refused to kick. They tried and tried to no avail for about three days. But the moment they changed their mind and decided to send the jet to another destination, it kicked and flew to and accomplished the mission successfully. On return from that operation, they decided again to use the same jet, it again refused to function!! They went for another jet, that, too, refused to function but went for another operation and returned. They then rather agreed that instead of bombing 26 Mbukpa, they should rather go to the Father and ‘protect’ Him!!

One God, One Nation.

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