Let the profound peace of The Holy Spirit be with you all in the Name and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with utmost gratitude to The Holy Father that I welcome you all to the meeting of tonight concerning our August 2008 Pentecostal Programme.

I will firstly thank The Almighty Father for His unquantifiable benevolence towards you especially for the privilege availed you and the rest of the BCS members to witness the recently celebrated Jubilee and to be blessed and recompensed according to your works.

Our gathering here in a period like this as you know, is meant to asses your works as commissioned labourers in God’s vineyard and profer necessary encouragement and corrections using the word of life.

This basically hinges on your belief and faith as well as your love for The Father which principally determines your performance level and consequently your blessings and reward.

This meeting calls for the presence of all ABASITES who has sincere belief and faith in The Father. On the other hand selected representatives of all Countries, Regions, States and Chapters’ aught to be here to present their report of stewardship for the past term.

As some of you may have known, the kingdom has attained another stage in her physical evolutionary process and the present stage, without being told, calls for greater caution on the part of mankind and especially on the part of those of you who have seen, and heard the truth and have as well attested to it.

The happenings in the world fulfils the ends time prophecies. Hardly can any man find peace, safety or certainty in the world today. What obtains is survival of the fittest and this has fueled all kinds of evil such as stealing, cheating, robbery, bribery and corruption, immorality, inordinate drive for power, money, position and stronger belief and practice of idolatory as means of wealth and security.

Invariably these obnoxious practices unavoidably leads to damnation. Worst still, the supposed religionists and spiritually elites of our time are not helping matters. Rather the situation is worsened by their play of religious rituals and formalities which is forming thicker veils on the intellectual eyes of the “sense controlled” masses. Certainly countless number are seeking for God’s salvation through the broad and smooth path that leads to destruction, while few are striving along the narrow, slippery, thorny and rocky path which definitely leads to life everlasting. None can come to this narrow path which is the BCS except such is approved by The Father for salvation. It is one thing to come to the BCS and another to work out your salvation through obedience to the gospel and official directives given here. Therefore when some of you take solace in the fact that having been called into the BCS that your salvation is guaranteed it becomes necessary to ask if such persons have practiced the teachings given here.

Early yesterday I told the Missionary Crusaders that I have softened all hard grounds the world over. The same applies to you. The field is now over ripe but those of you ready to go and harvest are few. On the day of the Great March I told all ardent believers that I have conquered the earth for your possession and have given you the power to bring all opposing powers to your subjection. Right now the rulers, the intellectuals and the powers that be are waiting for you. The Father has accomplished all things for Himself. It is now your place to go and bring them. There is great joy in heaven when you are able to convert a sinner not only by baptism but by using edifying lifestyle to change such a person from his or her evil ways to one that is of glory to God. That brings us to the question: Is your lifestyle edifying? True evangelism starts from your very self. You must remove the log of wood in your eyes so that you can see clearly to remove the particle of dust in your brother’s eye. God is not deceived. He searcheth the heart and the reins irrespective of how pretentions you may appear.

You have been called and adorned with royal garments. It is hoped that you will leave up to expectation. If you continue to wallow in lies, slander, hate,

division, blackmail and you struggle for position and rights of others, the recently celebrated jubilee will keep you where you belong.

Of course only the humble, the pure in heart, the kind, merciful and righteous knows the meaning of joy which I have released unto them since the Golden Jubilee. Rather than dissipate your energy on all worth not it will be more beneficial that you employ same in saving souls for God and thinking of ways to evangelize Institutions and Countries and setting up BCS formations there. I have seen the hearts of all those who are ready to do this work selflessly and I have opened My doors of prosperity unto them.

Brethren, I thank you all for attending this meeting. I have removed all obstacles on your ways and have solved all your academic problems, I have released your admission letters, withheld results and graduation certificates. I have made the faithfuls ones financiers and crowned you with The Holy Spirit for greater works.

Let My peace and blessings be with you all and the entire world now and forevermore, Amen.

Thank You Father.

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu
The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords
Chairman BCS Executive Council/Head of Administration

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