Beloved brethren my name is sister Rita Ini. It was on Sunday, 6th of July 2014 that I went out to see a friend who promised to help me with some cash for my school. On my way back, I stood at first gate bus stop, mile 2 Lagos State Nigeria. I waited but no bus was forth coming. After a long wait, an 18 seater bus appeared. I boarded the bus, not knowing it was kidnappers. As soon as I boarded the bus, it zoomed off. We the occupant of the bus were discussing when they all started to fall asleep. I was surprise because of the sudden change. I became weak and dull too and they took us to Ogun state. The next thing I saw was that we were on a line and they started giving marks on our bodies but when it got to my turn the man shouted and ask them to send me out that two men are guarding me, one in front and the other at my back. One in red and the other in white. They collected my money and other of my belongings .

Meanwhile, all this while my siblings at home were so worried. When they called my line one of those kidnappers answered and lied to them that I am in a serious hold up, but eventually the Mighty Mighty Olumba proved all their evil efforts abortive and set only me, His daughter free from the jaws and shackles of death and ritual killers.

Join me and give thanks to the Mighty Mighty Olumba.
Thank you Father.

One God, One Nation.

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