Distinguished Brethren,

May the profound peace of The Father be upon you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again, the creation as a whole is privileged to assemble before the Holy Presence of the Maker of all things through the medium of the 3rd Universal Annual Pilgrimage as the Brotherhood fundamentally embodies all things created and uncreated.

I am therefore delighted to welcome you all to this sacred universal gathering. The history of pilgrimage to supposed sacred places in the world has been a long standing event in the religious life of man. Every year, so much resources is sacrificed in the process of observing pilgrimage exercise by various religious sects to such places as they hold sacred but in all, it is important to know if man has by any means utilized the occasion of this yearly exercise to evolve better spiritual personality acceptable before God.

The pilgrimage exercise is meant to enable the fallen man retrace his steps back to his God by exhibiting total remorse for his sins through fasting, prayers, ceaseless supplications, and resoluteness. But it is clear that some pilgrims like most of you here allow other interests to overtake their spiritual reasoning and objectives.

The sacrifice made by our Lord Jesus Christ was to set in motion such process that will engender the liberation of the soul of every man from the grip of the flesh but as it is, even within the fold now not many can be numbered among the true pilgrims as a result of earthly interests.

With the spiritual and physical drive to unify the planet earth by The Holy Father in this era and acknowledgement of the interdependence of all its inhabitants, the history of humanity as one family has been set in motion. The long effort to spiritually civilize the human character by The Father although a sporadic development has been inequitably admitted by most mankind, who now face the challenges to draw on their collective religious inheritance to take up consciously and systematically, the responsibility for the design of their future as broadly spelt out in the sacred teachings of the Brotherhood and contribute meaningfully to her evangelical growth and structural development. Such move of course must start from the soil upon which you all stand to observe this pilgrimage-Biakpan, the holy city of the new age. The wealth and prosperity of all mankind and all nations of the world is in this Holy city. It is my earnest desire that those of you in BCS, those in the world and all countries should realize this mystery and make necessary sacrifice and avail themselves this opportunity of spiritual and material blessings.

So much is happening to man due to his inability to discover the mystery of this Holy land. Much is also happening to him for not discovering himself and His Creator. It is on this ground that I cease this chance to inform mankind in general especially those of you privileged to know the truth of God’s presence in the world to quickly rise above the promptings of self, greed,
wickedness, idolatry and all forms of evil and take up the sceptre of love, truth, righteousness and peace with all. This is a yearly, event. It is expected that each time we meet like this that you should have attained higher levels of perfection. A word is said to be enough for the wise.

On the above note, I say, may the peace of The Father which surpasses all things be upon all pilgrims to the Holy land of Biakpan; and may His grace reach out to all seekers and lovers of the truth which has now come into the world to rule and reign forever. Amen.

Thank You Father.

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu
The King of kings and Lord of lords
Chairman BCS Executive Council/Head of Administration

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