I am a Moslem leader. Since I was born I had never heard anything about the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. This is a testimony on how I carried Olumba Olumba Obu in my car in Kaduna in Northern Nigeria.

One day, as I drove along the expressway, I saw a black man in white shorts and white shirt who asked for and got a lift from me. Once in the car, His presence overwhelmed me and I could not understand how I felt. Before this incident I had a court case. While this case was on I traveled to Mecca and my mission was to influence the judge to discharge me from my pending case. While I was at Mecca, the Mallam there washed the Koran seven times for me to drink. The significance was that I was assured that on getting back home I would be discharged and acquitted.

To my greatest dismay when I got back home and the case came up, seven witnesses came and testified against me. Brethren these three letters OOO that you are seeing, I saw it in Mecca even before I heard about the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. This wonderful name that I saw in Mecca gave radiant light like the sun. The interpretation of OOO in Muslim language is quite different from the way it is interpreted by the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members.

When I came back from Mecca, I read an article in an edition of Sunday Times one Sunday morning. In the article I came across the same letters OOO that I had seen in Mecca but with the full meaning as Olumba Olumba Obu. I became dumbfounded. I made an enquiry from a friend who directed me to the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star bethel at Kaduna. As I got there they asked if I came for baptism and I told them I am a Moslem and refused baptism. When’ returned home I became so restless that after the fourth day I went back to that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star bethel. It was two days after my visit that my case was to come up again for hearing.

After what was done for me in Mecca had failed, I went to another Mallam at Kaduna who prepared certain concoctions for me. He gave me a list of items to buy with the instruction that I take them to a cemetery at midnight. I was given incantations to chant. I complied and stayed at the cemetery from midnight till 2 a.m.

This time when I went to court the seven witnesses still appeared to testify against me. I went back to complain to the Mallam and he said that I did not do as instructed and that I should repeat the exercise but carefully this time around. This second time at the cemetery as I was invoking, it became suddenly bright like day light. I was engulfed in bright rays of light. Then I heard a voice from the rays saying, “My son, why are you worrying yourself. Go, you have no case to answer,” This event took three weeks before I was to appear in court again.

When my case was called this time around, no witnesses appeared. The case was adjourned for nine days. On the appointed day I went back to court and was discharged and acquitted. It was a miracle to me. I was so stunned that’ could not step down from the dock.

I then went back to the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star bethel at Kaduna and asked to be baptized. After my baptism, my wife left me for one year and seven months in protest at my conversion. I am pleased to testify that she has returned and has also been baptized in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.
That man in white shirt and white shorts whom I gave a lift to unknowingly before I heard of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, is Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, as I later recognized Him in the same attire in Calabar. Let thanks and praises be to God, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever. Amen.

One God, One Nation.


  1. George Ebimobowei Oti says:

    Testimonies repackaged and recycled thusly reinforce the glory of our living God, resident in the hearts of both believers and non believers alike, and douse skepticism toward his deity.

  2. Ekemini Akpaidem says:

    Earth moving testimony-This is one of a numerous testimonies happening only in Brotherhood of the cross and star. Power seekers knows Our Holy Father Olumba Olumba Obu more than we know.
    Thank You Father

  3. Patmeh Patrick says:

    O.O.O Power.. Thank You Father

  4. Prince Emetu Nkata says:

    The new name of God Almighty Olumba Olumba Obu, is everywhere and none can challenge his authority. Praise his Holy Name for His Kingdom shall stretch from pole to pole.

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