This article is intended to examine the usage and consequences of oath
taking as a means of ensuring the truth and veracity in all human conduct.
Swearing to an oath before divine symbols dates back to Sumerian
civilization (4th – 3rd BC) of the ancient Middle East and to ancient Egypt
where the practice of oath taking is associated with swearing with one’s life
or ankh (“oath”) “an utterance of life”.

The contemporary use of oath occurs when a witness in a legal inquiry
states an intention to give all pertinent information truthfully.
Oath taking is synonymous with the sacred religious practice of swearing.
The difference is on how the people or the various institutions, customs and
tradition perceive of it. There are divergent views on its application
stemming from doctrines, belief systems and ways of life.

A school of thought holds that oath taking is restricted to the law courts, a
condition requisite to determine the truth in litigation. This class of people
also see oath taking by public office holders before a court officer, as a
necessary requirement upon assumption of official positions/duties.
Jewish, Greco-Roman, Germanic, English, American, African and other
traditions have conceptualized oath to embrace the totality of its
continuous practice wholly linked to numerous belief systems and their

In Islam, swearing to an oath is a compulsory practice. According to the
religion, the seriousness required in administering oath is an instruction
from Prophet Mohammed. Sahih Bukhari 45: 15
Truth, of course is the bedrock of every religion wherein lies the
justification for adherents to practice the doctrines. But regrettably, man’s
conscience is lost to frivolities to the extent that it can invoke God Almighty
as witness swearing to an oath of honesty, sincerity and integrity whereas in
actual fact the reverse is the case while displaying a high level of dishonesty,
insincerity and degradation of character. This is done because “…his mouth
speaks untruth, his right hand is raised in lying oaths”. Psalm 144:8.
When oath is perceived as a solemn declaration, accompanied by a
swearing to God or a revered person or thing, that the statement is true and
is a binding promise, the person is punished if the statement is untrue or
the promise is broken.

To further buttress this point is a real life situation of a child who reasons
and acts as anyone else only responding to certain basic requirements and
obligations of life without being given the desired attention. The child
grows up to become a teenager with little knowledge of the basic
requirements and obligations. At adulthood, it is entirely a different story
especially when belief is predicated on religious sacred books, sermons and
symbols that are consistent with practical situations to tell the truth about
occurrences or circumstances.

Life at adulthood is about making choices in whatever thing one does
whether by telling the truth or bearing false witness. The consequences are
daring that punishment awaits lying tongues.

For a man or a woman to be identified with a particular belief system borne
out of his or her knowledge and understanding through inspiration or
intuition, the lifestyle of the person becomes the yardstick for measuring
the level of belief in the existence of the proclaimed supreme power or deity
even before the adduced evidence is admitted in the court of law.
As for many who walk the wide path of destruction (those described as
children of perdition) who are unwilling to forsake bad conducts are
punished. Their unwillingness to redirect their steps to the path of rectitude
leads them to damnation. They walk through the valley of the shadow of
death and get hurt. Manmade and natural disasters are judgmental
instruments used in punishing the wicked, breaking into pieces the hardest
rock that provides shelter for them. The bitter lessons they seem not to
heed because they juxtapose their temporal terrestrial powers with the
supreme power that gives salvation to people in the dying world. Rather
than abide by the sworn oath of religion, they become covetous of the truth
and their hearts are taken over by pretence, deceit and acts of wickedness.
In a number of cases, swearing to an oath is performed by holding sacred
books or objects. Sometimes, witnesses are required to raise their right
hands and lay the left hands on sacred books or objects. Witnesses take
oaths by making solemn vow conscientiously believing same as true. Some
are disposed to an alternative of making an affirmation.
Oaths, pledges and vows are distinct statements or promises made by
persons held responsible for such statements. The oath is usually a
statement of fact or promise to do a particular thing, calling on something
or someone, the oath maker considers sacred to attest to the statement of

Within the context above, when a person declares “I swear” it becomes a
binding statement on him or her.
Testimonies of witnesses are taken by Judges, Magistrates, Juries or Panel
of Arbitrators. Affidavits are sworn on oath undertaken before a
Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public empowered by law to endorse,
certify and affix seals authenticating documents for record purposes.
The law provides that every person of adult age and of sound mind is
presumed to be qualified as witnesses in trials and other legal proceedings.
When the witnesses are said to be competent, they are clothed with legal
obligation. Once they are compellable, their testimonies are sought by the
court via issuing of subpoena. Besides, there are rules that give privilege to
persons preventing them from testifying as witnesses. This is essentially
designed to protect confidential and classified information. Some of the
privileges within the common law jurisprudence are the Marital Secrets
Privilege, the Attorney-Client Privilege, the Doctor-Patient Privilege, the
Psychotherapist-Patient and Counselor-Patient Privilege, the State Secrets
Privilege and the Clergy-Penitent Privilege. There are other privileges
recognized in other jurisdictions, such as the Social Worker-Client Privilege
and many others.

The way and manner those who are not of these categories are required to
swear to an oath demand respect for such solemn procedure of court.
Records of decided and pending cases contain testimonies tainted with
falsehood dimming the searchlight for the truth even when oath is
perceived as a sine qua non in religious and traditional norms.

Certainly, nothing seems to discourage people from peddling falsehood in
their everyday dealings with others. When the Holy Bible or Quran
becomes the symbol of supreme instruments in asserting the truth, same is
betrayed by the oath makers whose belief in the supremacy of God
Almighty or Allah cannot be ascertained by their conducts.
These set of people do not seem to commit any wrong act irrespective of the
noticeable faux pas made in pretence of attesting to the truth of the matter
or statement of fact given under oath. Men and women of supposed
integrity, respect and good will are easily caught in this intangible web
forcing them to deny their respective faiths and beliefs in the supreme
power they swore to as guarantee of their statements. They go as far as
falsifying ages in sworn affidavits.
In situations where there are disputes arising from transactions between
parties, when such disputes constitute the subject matters for litigation and
are not amicably resolved by the parties, prolonged legal actions are
inevitably the option for the parties. The law courts are invited to
adjudicate over the disputes and the legal issues canvassed by the lawyers
to the parties in their final addresses. What the courts are expected to
consider in the course of dispersing justice is to look at the relevant facts of
the case.

The principles of law regulating and relating to such conducts and
transactions aid the court in evaluating and assessing the veracity of the
witnesses to the parties. Right of appeal of judgments is discretionally
exercised by the parties to superior courts when such judgments are
considered erroneous or that could lead to miscarriage of justice.

During trial the courts look at documentary evidence and the witnesses’
demeanour. The court clerk routinely asks the witness – Are you a Christian
or a Muslim? Do you want to swear to an oath or you want to Affirm?. The
answer determines the kind of oath to be administered in order to facilitate
admissibility of the witness’ testimony.
It is a common law practice that requires the witnesses in disputed cases to
present their respective sides of the story by testifying to the truth or
otherwise of their Statements of Claim, Counter-Claims and Statements of
Defence in civil cases. The Information and Charges filed along with
statements of witnesses of the Prosecution and the Defence of the accused
person(s) or Defendant(s) are required in criminal cases.
The essence of oath taking is for the witnesses to convince the court and
human conscience of the credibility of their story. But they are held
responsible if on the contrary and punished for committing perjury under

Also, testimonies of witnesses determine the type of evidence that may be
sought either as a primary or secondary evidence subject to interrogation
by Direct Examination and Cross Examination. Thus, the court determines
weight to be placed on the evidence upon admitting same for the final
determination of the case. The evaluation and assessment of materials by
the courts are judicially and judiciously performed in accordance with the
statute laws regulating the admissibility or otherwise of such materials.
Despite the foregoing, there is no identifiable solution(s) to this protracted,
ill-effected culture eroding the good image of the human family.

Humanity indeed has embraced the heavenly celebration of ABBA FATHER
which established the Unified Universal Theocratic Government, heralding
the reign and invoking the supreme power of Jehovah God and His Christ,
OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU. The event heralded the proclamation overthrow
of worldly governments and powers, bringing to the doorpost of mankind
the greatest commandment of love for one another as He has loved us.
There are laid down rules and principles supernaturally structured for the
attainment of compliance. One of such is Truth embodied in man’s
conscience and character that needs no further proof to portray the
rightness and wrongness of the account of an event, circumstance or
situation presented as statement of fact. The Holy Father said “truth must
always be told at all times, and the truth is that a child of God does not
commit sin”. Everlasting Gospel by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, The Sole
Spiritual Head of the Universe, on the topic “The Hope of the Gentiles”
compiled by New World Magazine (1989-1997).
There is no reason whatsoever why anybody should take an oath before
assuming a public office. None is equally expected to take an oath just to
tell the truth whether as oath of allegiance or citizenship because when you
know the truth, of course, the truth shall make you free. Taking an oath of
any kind amounts to double standard of truthfulness, therefore, the various
practices of oath taking violate the divine law of the Unified Universal
Theocratic Government.

The Holy Father in His Everlasting Gospel on the aforesaid topic “The Hope
of the Gentiles”, told the congregation at the Brotherhood of the Cross and
Star World Headquarters, Calabar about an incident involving a
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star member, who was asked to take an oath
of office before he could be sworn into office. Since the brother knew that
taking of oath was not in conformity with the Father’s teachings, he refused
to take the oath. The governor then inquired which church he belongs. The
brother responded that he was not a member of any church. The people
around informed the governor that the brother is a Brotherhood of the
Cross and Star member. He was asked whether Brotherhood members do
not take oath, even with the Bible?.

In response, the brother told the governor that the content of the Bible is
meant for practice, not for oath taking. The governor angrily ordered the
Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice to proffer a criminal charge
against the brother. Unfortunately for the governor, his order was turned
down by the Attorney General who advised that there cannot be such
charge against the brother. The governor in utter dismay retorted whether
he meant that Brotherhood members do not take oath? The brother
answered in the affirmative. The governor then told the brother that he has
seen very many Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members who take oath.
The brother replied that true Brotherhood of the Cross and Star members
do not take oath.

Are you still wallowing in the world of fantasy hoping to inherit the
Kingdom of God? Do you practice oath taking as part of the Theocratic
Government? Search and adjudge yourself if you are worthy to partake in
the inheritance of the Kingdom whose heavenly standard is set for the final
consummation of the Unified Universal Theocratic Government. Citizens
are not given to oath taking, neither are they coerced to swear to an oath of
affidavit or traditional oath taking to tell the truth, the whole truth and
nothing but the truth.

Swearing to an oath is never a guarantee. It is not a necessary supplement
to tell the truth, neither a tonic to garnish same.
“Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, thou shalt
not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: But I say
unto you, “Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne: Nor by
the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the
great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not
make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea;
Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil”. Matthew 5:33-
“Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, whosoever shall swear by the
temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple,
he is a debtor. Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the
temple that sanctifieth the gold? And, whosoever shall swear by the altar, it
is nothing; but whosoever sweareth by the gift that is upon it, he is guilty.
Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that
sanctifieth the gift? Whoso therefore shall swear by the altar, swearth by it,
and by all things thereto. And whoso shall swear by the temple, swearth by
it, and by him that dwelleth therein. And he that shall swear by heaven,
sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon”. Matthew
23: 16-22.
Ever since humanity has embarked on the journey in search for truth, truth
itself has become illusive even when Our Lord Jesus Christ manifested. He
was crucified on the cross of cavalry based on the false testimonies against
Him. Not only was He killed, the Jews took the plea of being liable for
whatever had happened and by extension their children yet unborn.

The Lord God Almighty appeared to His disciples on the first day after His
crucifixion and Thomas the Didymus at first instance did not belief the
truth about His resurrection on the third day.
Many are still waiting for Him to come. That is why, they tell lies at will and
deceive their fellow men, swearing to an oath on something or someone
they belief not. The moral dereliction is unspeakable, tearing apart human
families, societies, communities, sovereign states, continents and the world
at large.

As a mark of honour to all men and love for Brotherhood with fear for God,
none is permitted to take oath of any kind in the New World Order. Leader
Olumba Olumba Obu is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. His
teachings are without blemish leading to the right way of life for humanity
to emulate, thus, raising the corruptible with His creative spoken words to
become incorruptible and breeding sinless children for the Unified
Universal Theocratic Government.

This is the time when no man will show the other to know God for everyone
shall know Him from the least to the greatest, therefore those things, which
ye have both learned, and seen in me, (God) do: and the God of peace shall
be with you. Phillippians 4:9.
A sinless Government has evolved completely devoid of oath taking and
other practices that are alien to the teachings of The Holy Spirit of Truth. It
is a perfect system of Government without the law courts as the third tier of
government regulated by statutory procedural requirements. In this
Government, oath taking by anyone whether orally or sworn written
document is not required for it is evil to swear to an oath. The sublime
creative power is for the indwellers of God’s Government to live a sinless

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