On Tuesday, the 1″ of November 1988, I attended Mill hill Bethel association meeting. On returning home that evening I suffered a stroke at about 11.30 pm. As God would have it, my daughter who would have attended a church meeting that evening, from which she normally came back at about 12 midnight, was in. The Father who knew what was going to happen made her fall asleep as soon she returned from work. My sister who would have been in had travelled to Calabar, as I tried to go upstairs into my room, I discovered that it was not possible to use my right limb again as it was now paralyzed. I shouted and my daughter ran downstairs and helped me to a seat. She called an ambulance but before its arrival I had become unconscious and was rushed to the Barnet General Hospital.

The second stage was my journey to the unknown world. There I saw the most magnificent buildings and the place was called the sanctuary. I was laid in bed at the 8th vestry and two young ladies were made to look after me. Both of them were wearing white. The following morning I was taken to another part of the building known as the Holy of Holies. I was laid down at the outer court vestry. I have never seen such a building in my life. Nobody was allowed to go beyond the outer court boundary.

The two ladies came to me early in the morning and woke me up. They said that the Holy Father, Olumba Olumba Obu wanted me. I got up and followed them. My escorts stopped half way and handed me over to two men who dressed in hand-woven white soutane with turban on their heads. When I came to the Holy Father, He was also dressed in hand-woven white soutane and turban on His head. At the four corners were special ushers wearing similar dresses. They never uttered a word but carried out the Father’s orders. This depicts that He is the Sole Authority. He ordered me to the centre where I became very restless. The big door leading to the Holy of Holies opened and I tried to get a glimpse of what was inside the chamber. I saw a glittering row of pews but no one was inside. I could not resist the attraction so I tried to go inside but was stopped by the Father who told me that nobody goes inside the chamber. I then asked Him where my sister and children were. He said “come tomorrow and I shall let you know”. When I left, I was told that tomorrow was the Sabbath; there was a lot of preparation going on.

The following morning as I was walking about the area, I saw the Holy Father looking out of the Holy of Holies so I ran towards Him. By this time I was dressed like Him except that I was not wearing a turban on my head as He did. He again asked me to come to the centre, and then, He made the pronouncement, “you are discharged and acquitted, go home to your family”.

I woke up and saw the doctors and nurses surrounding me. They were all relieved. The doctor who was caring for me told me that my condition had been very bad for four days and in such a case the brain might be affected. He further said that my speech was affected; nobody understood what I was saying. The following night, I saw the Father in my dream and He made another pronouncement that He has opened my mouth and I can now eat food. In the morning I woke up, I was hungry and asked for food. Henceforth, I started eating food which I had not taken for a week. The following night, I saw the Father again. He made another pronouncement, the third in the series. “You will walk tomorrow”. In the morning I got up from my hospital bed and walked. That is me who was paralyzed on one side. Few days after that, I saw the Holy Father again in my dream and He made the fourth pronouncement. He said, “You will not wet your bed again”. From that day I stopped wetting my bed. Since I became ill, I had been wetting my bed. Another pronouncement came from the Father saying that I would be discharged from the hospital, giving me a day in the following week. When the doctors were going around the wards, they called at my bedside and said I will be discharged on the exact date that the only Father gave. The Father appeared in my dreams and made the last pronouncement before I left that the first feast I will eat at home will be blessed and I will first thank the Father also in my house.

In my dream He showed me the Mother-General, Sister Mary Akpan, but I never understood why. On the day of my discharge from the hospital, I had arranged for my sister and my daughter to come for me at about 4.00 p.m. For the Father’s word to manifest, He sent Mother-General to come and visit me with fruits at the hospital not knowing that I was to be discharged that day. So she decided to take me home. It was when I arrived home at about 2.00 p.m that I remembered the Holy Father’s last pronouncement. We returned before the time I scheduled with my sister so they were surprised. The Mother-General had to carry out the Father’s message by blessing the fruits for me to have my first feast at home.
Brethren, from this testimony you can see that even though I was in hospital, the Holy Father was the doctor and He did the healing through His pronouncements. Many of you can testify that the Father has remoulded me and is making me look younger. I have to give thanks to Him for all that He has done for me, reviving me from death.

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