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What is Brotherhood of The Cross of Star?

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) is a spiritual movement which firmly believes in, and practises the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  A spiritual movement emanating from Africa, BCS is also known as Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity.  It is not a church; it is not the fruit of seeds sown by missionaries from Europe and America. It is the long expected Kingdom of God on Earth.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is more comprehensive and inclusive than a church.  It embraces not only Christians, but also people of every religion and of none.  In Nigeria, a country currently torn apart by conflicts between Christians and Muslims, BCS has been playing an important role in the work of peace and reconciliation. Grounded in biblical teachings about justice and love, BCS takes a strong moral stand against the greed, corruption and violence that is now so pervasive not only in Africa but throughout the entire world.

The movement’s concept of ‘Brotherhood’ is much broader than that of most religions, for it encompasses not only human beings but also all members of the animal kingdom.  It seeks to put into practice the idea of reverence for life that is to be found in some of the great faiths of the East.  Unusually for a movement that first became manifest in Africa, BCS advocates vegetarianism.    

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, which has over 3million adherents in Africa alone, has spread to otherparts of the world.  Members are to be found in most European countries, but the largest concentration is in the United Kingdom.  There are flourishing assemblies in London, with smaller numbers in other major cities in the UK.

Who is His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu?

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, is the Head of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, and the Son of the Founder, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. He is the Chairman of Brotherhood Executive Council and Head of Administration.

It is in order to bring the message of Love, Joy and Peace to the UK that His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is visiting this great nation. His visits around the world have inspired passionate spirituality among people of faith and of none; conveying renewed hope, peace and love to those in need in those places.

Everywhere He goes, the theme of His message embodies ‘Love, Faith and Hope’ which happens to be the motto of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.  In spreading the message of universal Brotherhood to a World and a people in dire need, His Holiness recently met with President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, President of Trinidad and Tobago on 6th September 2013.  During this visit, He reiterated His message of love and dignity of human life, while also addressing major global challenges such as poverty, terrorism and social injustice. His commitment to healing the world with love has seen Him in recent times pay official visits to Ghana in 2010,South Africa in 2011 and 2012; and most recently a visit to Equatorial Guinea in October 2013. On these visits He met with former President John Atta Mills of Ghana,Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi of South Africa (President of Inkatha Freedom Party) and President Theodore Obiong Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea. He admonished these leaders against tyranny and oppression towards the weakest and most vulnerable, and promoted the need for harmonious co-existence.

The Event: BCSUK@40

Under the Leadership of His Holiness Olumba OlumbaObu, Brotherhood has been active in the United Kingdom for 40 years. They have successfully organised and embarked on numerous charitable events across international boundaries; these include USA, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Bahrain, South Sudan and Ethiopia to name but a few.

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu will be visiting the United Kingdom on 26th October – 1st November 2015 to celebrate BCS UK @ 40. The event will be a celebration of all their accomplishments over the years, and an opportunity to create greater awareness of the teachings and practices of Brotherhood of the Cross & Star in the United Kingdom. This will also bring about the opportunity for their affiliates and the people of the United Kingdom to behold the physical presence of His Holiness, and witness the splendour of an international BCS event.