This is one of the testimonies of ABAS Evangelism to Sierra Leone 2013. ABASites had finished praying for the family of Ex-Congress Man Hon Koroma and they immediately accepted baptism. There was no nearby River but in the principles of “My disciples be ever ready and tomorrow may be too late” it was imperative to baptize them. The closest River was the bank of the Ocean which was a distance away. It was evening but determined to execute that, the children of God journeyed to the Ocean. Upon getting there it was already late in the evening and the sea was very rough. The family was afraid so they ran away to a distance and refused to come close. They numbered about 11 including women and children. Brethren, the Holy Spirit the doer of all things ministered that we should move closer, line up and pray to calm the seas down, and that we did calling on the New Name O.O.O.

As the prayers were offered,the sea became calm. Many who were not ready to be baptized, seeing the miracle, immediately accepted baptism along with the Ex Congress Man’s family. This reminded me of our Lord Jesus Christ when He calmed the storm -Mark 4:35-41. Only the Name of God can calm the seas and when you call that Name of God, “O.O.O” your life’s seas will be calm.  I sing these songs to glorify Thee my Father, “I will continue to praise Him, every day of my life; I will continue to praise Him, forever in my life” and “Send me I will go, to deliver them, send me I will go, to save mankind”. Thank You Loving Father”.
Delta State Mega Evangelism – November 3-5, 2017 & Peace March UGANDA 2018 here we come.

One God, One Nation.

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