The Apostolic Church in Dallas had finished their special service that Sunday. Everyone felt exhausted and could not wait to exit the church and go home to their domiciles. Then, it happened. An old man in red soutane walked into the church and engaged them in conversation. Initially they did not want to listen to him. They wanted to dismiss him from their presence. But when he opened forth his mouth and begun to speak, they were transfixed to the spot. The word he spoke was life. Their souls yearned for more as He expounded the scriptures in a manner they have never heard before. He counseled them to “always stand up for Christ.” He explained that he was in Dallas to visit his son. Thereafter, the old man left his mesmerized audience.

Days passed and a member of the Apostolic church present that day walked into the office of CA Ellen Clinton , former LR., USA. When the Apostolic church lady saw the Holy Father’s picture hanging on the wall, she anxiously queried, ” do you know this man? He was in our church last Sunday. He spoke to us in the language of every member’s tribe and tongue. It was surprising that he could communicate in the language of every member of the church; even in Spanish.”
CA Ellen enthralled asked her again and again. ” You mean you saw him in your church.” The repeated query began to annoy the lady, and she exploded, ” l am a grown woman, and l am telling you he was in my church.”
CA Ellen did not want to be the only one to hear this amazing story. She quickly phoned Bishop Emmanuel Ekong to come quickly and also bear witness to this testimony about the Ancient of Days, manifest in our midst, and His Omnipresence.

One God, One Nation.

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