Spiritual Food: Hebrews 7:4-7

Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriach Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils. And verily they that are of the sons of Levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law, that is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham: But he whose descent is not counted from them received tithes of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises. And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better.

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star started from Zero point. We know fully well that Zero must precede one. It is not possible to ignore Zero in any calculation. You cannot proceed to one if you have not written Zero. It was this calculation that was given to Cain and Abel. Abel knew the calculation but Cain failed. I am now disclosing to the whole world that the whites, blacks and people of other races do not have that calculation right. This accounts for the problems in the universe.

Brethren, who among you has the knowledge that payment of the tithe is the most important of all the laws given God. A man’s fortune or misfortune emanates from his acceptance or refusal to pay his tithe. Tithe should be paid correctly and regularly. But if you do otherwise, then pray for yourself.

Tithe payment has great significance. There is only one person who knows the need for regular payment of tithe. His understanding of this issue baffles me. At the end of every month, no matter his destination at a particular time, he will deviate to come personally to pay his tithe to the Father. He started this practice from the day he was baptised into the new kingdom. But what is the case with the rest of you? What was responsible for Abel’s righteousness? This brother is a perfect example of those who belong to the lineage of Abel and Abraham. Refusal to pay tithe has been one of the causes of man’s downfall.

If I may ask, does one who refuses to pay tithe believe in God? You know fully well that Abraham did not become the Father of nations and a friend of God because of his wisdom, strength and riches, but because of his righteousness through faith. He is an example of one who believes in God. Mark you, trusting or believeing in the Father does not depend of verbal boasting or empty claims. The tithe remitted by the brother exceeds that paid by all brethren in Nigeria. He does it wholeheartedly because he knows that the Father will always replenish his account.

You vow never to worship man because by your standards, man is not God. But Abraham knew that man is God: He understood that the man, Melchizedek was an incarnation of God. If Abraham did not have this knowledge, he would not have paid his tithe to Melchizedek. So Abraham’s payment of tithe to him indicates that he recognized Melchizedek as the Supreme God, his creator and source of everything seen and unseen. This is not a parable but a true live account.

The scriptures disclose that when Abraham came back from war, he shared the booty from war and gave one tenth of it as tithe to Melchizedec who was greater than Abraham, and Melchizedec blessed him. Are you not a witness to Abraham’s exalted position today? It was due to this singular act of humility that he is elevated. What is the situation with you today? What is the degree of your faith and righteousness since you aspire to be great in the kingdom? Clearly, you are found wanting in these virtues.

This is the long expected kingdom of God, it has manifested on earth. Abraham sought it and hoped to see it. Because of his desperate expectation of the kingdom, he left his homeland at the age of seventy. Now the kingdom has been given to him, and his descendants. That is why he is called the Father of all and friend of God. His progeny, Issac, Jacob, Joseph and the Israelites, are enjoying the kingdom.

The question arises: What role have you played in the Kingdom? You tell people: “Olumba Olumba Obu is my Father and he has given me one thing or the other.” I ask, what profitable thing have you done for the kingdom? Have I not exposed your nakedness, the whole world has been laid bare. I am greatly baffled by the trickly nature of the inhabitants of the world.

God has given you life, beauty, good health, strength, children, wisdom, and provided the land for you to inhabit, yet you are very crafty. God is the only Being who would give you a glorious position. In spite of God’s benevolence and love, you have remained ungrateful. What do you think of yourself? Is it not God who makes and unmakes? He causes anything to exist and He equally extincts it. He is capable of doing anything. Candidly your ways are full of deceit and craftiness. Taking into consideration all your repulsive attitudes, I want to ask if you are sure you know what you are doing and what consequences these hideous activities will attract to you? Abraham paid his tithe to Melchizedec and for that reason the latter blessed him and he became greatly exalted. But what can you say about yourself?

These gospels of righteousness and payment of tithe have already been preached. The above mentioned brother never heard the gospel of payment of tithe. He started paying his tithe the day he was baptized into Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Besides tithe payment, he is also the greatest person in other aspects of the kingdom. I have recognized and rated him the number one person in the Brotherhood world. But the reverse is the case with the rest of you. You have built a bungalow and skyscrapers and bought fleets of cars for yourself, but you have not thought it pertinent to buy even a bicycle for God. In spite of your ingratitude, you continue to brag that the Father is your God. What manner of self deceit is that? Where do you drive all the cars you have to? God has bestowed on you all things, but you are only noted for verbal claims of Him being your Father. Does it end there?

What have you contributed today? You only contribute paltry sums that do not amount to the Father’s contributions. This is a proof of your selfishness and unwillingness to do the work of God. By your actions and deeds, should it be concluded that God is incapable of achieveing anything? Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a one-man business; HE is capable of accomplishing everything, and He has everything. The axiom that is used in Brotherhood of he Cross and Star is “WORK FOR ME, AND I WORK FOR YOU.” Have you drawn any lesson from it?

All races, both black and white, Nigerian and American, governments of the world, landlords, and other organizations have refused to pay their tithes or royalties from their various incomes. The hitherto abundant petroleum resources in Nigeria have begun to dry out. The cause is traceable to Nigeria’s refusal to pay tithe to God. Have those of you who are caretakers and self-acclaimed landowners paid your tithe and recognized that GOD is on earth? You have neither fulfilled these obligations nor acknowledged the fact that He has manifested on earth, and has bestowed on you abundant wealth. All that you know is to make declarations that Olumba Olumba Obu is God.

Undeniably, you worship the money you have or hope to have. Assuming the Father asks you to bow your head on the ground for you to be blessed with money, car, house, political appointment, you would hurriedly do so. This is an indication that you do not worship God but these mundane things. All because you have refused to recognise Him, we run into problems or attract diverse calamities to ourselves.

Brethren, everything experienced in the world such as joy, strength, knowledge, car, land, just to mention a few come from God. You are ungrateful to God. God is the reservoir of all mundane possessions, but you have refused to recognize Him.

It is insulting to ask God to utter one word or the other so that a particular thing would be accomplished in your life. You are facing various problems because you do not show happiness and recognition of Him as the Almighty God. And because you are ignorant of who He is, you entreat Him to cause your wife to bear a child, or aid you to occupy a particular position. This clearly affirms that the world does not know him and it also reveals man’s blindness.

Brethren, whenever God makes His entry into the world, He first of all shows the sign of His presence to everybody to enable them know that He is around. Now that He has come, you can see that the dead are raised, the sick made whole and other problems solved. In fact, peace has been restored to all. However, the problem lies in whether or not you have recognised and worshiped Him? He has come with His crown of glory to give to all. I now throw this question at you: How is it possible for Him to bestow on you what He has come with when you are unworthy of it? Obviously He cannot crown you with this glory or bestow these things on you if do not work for them. Certainly, the whole world is ignorant of that fact, and so has failed. So now that He has come, He is accompanied with all His glories. Subsequently, all those who work diligently would be those to be crowend with glory.

Recall the story of prophetess Hannah who was married to a certain man called Elkanah? Her husband also had another wife called Peninnah. Hannah was barren while Peninnah was productive and the latter gave birth to several children. Occasionally, Elkanah and Hannah went to Siloh to worship God. While there, Hannah poured out her sorrows and her barrenness to God, and subsequently, God answered her prayers by giving her a child whose name was Samuel. Although she had only one child, Hannah surrendered him to the service of God. And it followed that as a reward for Hannah’s appreciative gesture, God blessed her with five other children. This clearly reveals that God does not cheat anybody who endeavors to serve Him.

Beloved, it is my duty to reveal all these truths to you. It is now left to you to either accept or reject them. You can deceive man, animals or any other thing, but you cannot deceive God, no matter how knowledgeable you may be. Obviously, whatever a man sows same he shall reap.

Those who are to come and build the kingdom in the future such as the whites, they will not argue when told these things. These people will live to the expectation of the kingdom. So, it is now left to you to take a decision whether to follow along by practising the injunctions of the kingdom.

Brethren, a stroke of the cane is sufficient for the wise, let he who has ears, hear what the Holy Spirit has imparted to the whole world. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.


Sermon Delivered By Leader Olumba Olumba Obu

One God, One Nation.

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