His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu healed me from neck problem in 2004, something I was born with. He appeared to me in my dream and carried out an operation on me cutting off the problem from me. And that was the end of my neck pains. In 2008 He healed me from a potent food poisoning after 2 years of suffering. In 2009 He made a new covenant with me and promised to discipline all my offenders. In 2012 He appeared to me in the dream as the Holy Father and took away my chest pain (only by hugging me) already the chest pain had lasted for more than 5 years. In 2013 His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu appeared to me also in my dream and told me that He will give me a job, barely 2 weeks I was called to come and work in a company. Few months ago He raised my Sister from the dead. In fact, everything about me, Father Olumba is the maker. He has carried out so many surgery and vaccination on me several occasions. When I was 5years He vaccinated me from HIV/AIDS by giving me a very big tablet to swallow in my dream telling me that it is for HIV prevention. Few weeks ago He also vaccinated me from “Ebola” also in my dream.

Father You have been so good to me. But I can’t thank You enough; but I will try. THANK YOU GREAT SPIRIT OLUMBA WONDER WORKER.Do you now see why we prove Olumba beyond every reasonable doubt as God?

Right from the beginning, God is known by His Supremacy and absolute power and unprecedented Greatness. He has come back again, not as Jesus but as the Holy Spirit who stays just in one place but His presence is felt universally. When he came as Jesus He use to move from place to place and healed people, but this time He has come back with His express image as the Godhead.

Thank you Father God O.O.O!

One God, One Nation.

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