For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ be made void.


I have planted, Apollos watered, but God has given the growth.


For I would that you all were as I am myself; but each one has his own gift from God, one in this way, and another in that.

Brethren, that is the theme of our revelation. It is what each and everyone of us should try to do. When you see somebody singing for God, you like to do the same, without knowing if singing is your gift. Others, when they see Brethren giving visions and prophecies, they also desire to have this gift without asking if that is their talent from God.

Certain people are inspired by a sermon. They like to become a great preacher, not knowing if preaching is their gift. There are those who are fond of baptizing. They don’t investigate if baptizing is their calling. People go and marry, without knowing if it is their gift. Some want to be without a husband or wife, in order to serve God, not minding if it was meant for them to stay celibate.

Brethren, you can now realize that the Spirit is one, but the gifts are different. You cannot just stand up and declare that you want to marry, you want to preach, you want to sing, you want to be a teacher. Do you know yourself and your gift from God?

You see others getting married, you also get married. Some marry different times. Then again, you meet somebody who is serving God, you also want to serve God. Have you asked yourself if it is your gift to serve God?

The key lesson is that there is one spirit, but diversity of gifts. We all have different gifts from the hands of God. Here in Brotherhood, I am watching you to see if you can find your own gift. I do not want you to jump from one function to another, without knowing where you belong. That causes confusion. You can preach, you can sing, you can give visions, but which one is your gift?

What I am telling you is the greatest problem in the world today. Before you came to this plane of manifest, it had already been ordained what your work would be. If you come here and do not perform that which is your duty, you will not find peace for your soul. Do not look unto any person. Do not follow any person, and do not imitate any person.

Examine yourself and know what your gift is. If you don’t know what your gift is, you will not find peace, nor joy in life. All that you do will not yield good fruit. If you want to join the police force, have you asked yourself if that is your gift? You want to join the Army, have you asked yourself whether that is your gift? You want to serve under someone, is that the thing to do? You want to be on your own, have you asked yourself whether that is the right decision?

Others receive counsel or advice, is it for you to receive counseling? You find people who act independently from others, without seeking anybody’s advice, is it meant for you to be independent? You should spend your time and energy in discovering what your gift is.

It is not something you should rush into for a conclusion. Many of you like to become a millionaire, but have you asked yourself if that is your destiny? You want to be a prominent person in your community, is that what is right for you?

You should now realize that this is your problem and it has brought problems to the whole world. People are forced into doing things that they cannot do. You tell your children that they need to become a doctor or engineer. Are they gifted for that? Amongst us are many vegetarians. Those who do not eat meat or fish. Some live entirely on fruits. When you say you want to become one of them, have you asked if that is right for you?

John the Baptist lived on locust beans and honey. Before he was born. this was prophesied. When he arrived he had no problem eating that kind of food, because that was his gift. He taught his disciples how to pray and fast, but they did not know if that was their calling.

Christ came eating and drinking. He did not say, since John did not eat and drink, He should do likewise. People often ask why a person does this or that. There is only one spirit, but diversity of gifts.

Many church denominations clap hands, play drums and light candles. None of those things are done in Brotherhood. Till eternity, we will not do such things. Some people pray on the mountain, others in the forest, or by the seaside. Some grow long beards, or put on certain clothing. We here in Brotherhood do not do those things.

In some countries they force you to marry, or you are forced to fast. Those things are done, because they don’t know themselves. There is only one God, but the talents are different. Every person should hold fast to his gift.

Do not force yourself to attend church service. Do not force your wife or husband to come with you. Do not force anybody to do anything in any way. Because we have different gifts from the hands of God.

What I am telling you has eluded the entire world. Our Lord Jesus Christ said that His kingdom is not of this world. That is why He had nothing to do with the things of the world. That is why He also said that He does not receive honor from man. When the people wanted to make Him their King, He ran away and hid Himself. Because that was not His glory.

Many of us do not know that our Kingdom is not of this world. That is why we fall into different sins. We do things we should not do. We acquire riches which do not belong to us. Brethren, I do not want to take you further, let our first lesson be read.


For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ be made void.

Brethren, have you heard that Paul understood his call. Man know thyself and you shall know all things. The first thing expected of you is to know thyself. If you know yourself, you don’t have to listen to any person, neither would you imitate, or be jealous of any person. You would have followed steadfastly on your path.

John the Baptist came to baptize the people, but when Christ came, he did not baptize anyone. Only his disciples baptized. John bore testimony when he said: “I baptize with water, but there is one amongst you whose shoelaces I am not worthy to loosen, He shall baptize you with fire and the Holy Ghost.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ sent Paul out to preach the gospel. He did not send him to baptize. That is why Paul did not baptize more than three or four people. His work was to preach and convert people. Thereafter those whose duty it was to baptize, came and baptized those who believed. The assignment of Peter, James and John was to pray for the Holy Ghost to come upon the believers. Whoever they placed their hands on received the Holy Spirit. That was their work. Wherever they preached they asked the people if they received the Holy Spirit. If they said “no” the three would lay their hands on them and pray. The gift of the Holy Spirit came upon them.

That is what I am waiting for in Brotherhood. Everybody must stay firm in his particular assignment, not jumping from one trade to another, yet accomplishing nothing. Stand firm in what you know to be your gift.

Every person wants to work in the Father’s vestry. Does this mean, if you are not working in the Father’s vestry, you are not a Brotherhood member? Have you asked yourself if your gift is to work in the Father’s vestry? A lot of people want to be with the Father. Have you asked yourself if that is your calling?

Let us not be jealous or envious of others. If you imitate people and it is not your gift, it is punishment unto you. Healing is a gift. Showing hospitality is a gift. Going from house to house doing ministry work is a gift. Giving advice and counsel is a gift. Trading is a gift. Being a husband or wife is also a gift.

If God has made you to serve Him, yet you go and get married, you will suffer. If you were meant to marry, but you decide to remain celibate, you will suffer. If we were to examine ourselves and the position God has kept for us, we would not have any problems. There would be no occasion of becoming a stumbling block for others.

If your gift is to render help to the poor, but you decide that you no longer like to do that, you are in trouble. If your gift is to give advise and counsel to people, but you decide to leave for another job, you are going to suffer. If God has given you the gift of singing, you have to sing without seeking praise or reward from any person. All the punishment we receive is a result of doing that which we should not have done. We then attribute it to bad luck, witchcraft or Satan.

Remember what Christ said, “the one sent out by God speaks the words of God.” The spirit is given to Him without measure. And He said, “all those who come before Me are thieves and robbers, and the sheep do not listen to them.” All that you see and witness here does not derive from man’s intelligence or will, but it is the gift of God. Let every person hold onto that which is his gift in order not to suffer.

If you do not know what your gift is, put it in prayer. Ask the Father to reveal it to you. We all have received different gifts from the hands of God. Pray to God to reveal to you your gift, so that you will not go empty handed in the end. You cannot have peace in life, if you do not know what God has sent you out to do.

You might have money, but you don’t have peace. You might have children and health, but not peace. If you don’t do your assignment, restlessness and anger will come unto you. Some of you say that farming is not God’s work. If it is not the work of God, whose work is it? Some say marriage is not from God. Others say being celibate is not the work of God, after all, someone must give birth. However, a celibate person does great work for God.

Let us not listen to anybody. Let us not listen to the flesh. Let us listen to the spirit, so that we may, like Paul, know what our gift is. Certain people in Brotherhood do not know their gift. That is why they behave disorderly. They do not know their left from their right. They do not realize their gift. They want to do everything, that is why they cause confusion and trouble.

God does not bestow unto you the gift of doing everything, because it is impossible for you to do all things. When somebody uses his gift to do great work, you say you don’t know where his power comes from? You say it could not come from God. If it is not the work of God, what else is responsible for it? You might be a great preacher, but if it is not your gift, people will not put your words into practice. But if the person has the gift of preaching, no matter how hard-hearted you are, you will repent. You can pray for someone who is sick but if you don’t have the gift of healing, the sick person will not recover. The person who has that gift, only says a few words and the patient is well. Some people have the gift of restoring sight to the blind. No matter their sickness, they will recover. There are people who have the gift of blessing. No matter the circumstances, after a prayer from such a person, you receive what you asked for. There are those who have the gift to bestow children to barren women. The moment such a person receives prayers, she will be fruitful.

As we have different members in the body with different functions, so has God bestowed different gifts to each of us, so that we may have glory before Him. Brethren, I do not intend to belabor you, let our second lesson be read.


I have planted, Apollos watered, but God has given the growth.

Have you heard that? That is why I tell you that when you go on ministry work in a group, one should pray, another should preach, another should sing and another should give the final benediction. But when you go, only one person takes it upon himself to pray, sing, preach and give the benediction.

As we are here, there are many brothers and sisters whom the Father has sent on different assignments. But because you don’t see them, you think they backslid. They are on various assignments in many places. Whatever a man does is not of his own volition. He acts according to the will of God. It is because you don’t realize that the gifts are many, but the spirit is one. That is why you struggle and scramble to secure things for yourself. Our Lord Jesus Christ assigned Peter to take charge of the circumcised, but Paul is the Apostle of the uncircumcised, the unbelievers.

It is expedient for each person to realize the gift of God. It is the greatest thing. There is no one born unto this Earth plane, who is not bestowed with the gift of God. Do not be worried, if God does not give you money or riches.

Make use of whatever He has given you to serve Him. If you don’t have the gift of vision, use what you have. If He has not given you the gift of healing, use what your gift is for His service. They are all for His glory.

Do not forget that we have only one spirit. Throughout the world there is only one spirit, but the talents are different. All of our children are differently gifted. Your wife is differently gifted. Your husband is differently gifted. This explains why God is referred to as Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. Your wife may not love what you love. Your child may not appreciate what you do. A thing of pleasure for you, may cause sadness to another person. Why all these things? It is because we all receive independently different gifts from God. If somebody is successful in satisfying a certain group of people where another person failed, he will be accused of using trickery. This, of course, is not true. The same pertains to when you pray for a sick person, where another has failed, you are accused of using diabolical means. No other means is used. The simple reason is that you are specially gifted by God to do that work.

No longer say that you have no talents, God has given you talents. Just because you have a specialty, does not give you the right to look down on others. Everyone is equally important. The ants, the bees, the grasshoppers, the crickets and all other creatures of God have individual functions from God. The task accomplished by the ant cannot be performed by the fly. The snake is not capable of doing what a lizard can do. What the animals can do, man cannot do. Why is this so? It is because God has permeated the different forms and has given them their glories, according to His Divine will.

Man does not believe in God. That is why he attempts to monopolize everything himself, which is quite impossible. Let each person be satisfied with the position God has kept for him. Do not hinder your child from what God has assigned to him. Neither should you hinder your wife or husband from carrying out their assignment. And do not, on the other hand, force your child to do that which has not been his calling. Each person is differently gifted. It is that one God who dwells in all of us. I repeatedly tell you that all of you still have a long way to go. Many of you have lived in this world for a long time, but until today, you have not realized your gift. Today you are found in the world, but tomorrow you are found serving God. Was it your gift?

There are some people whose assignment is to operate in the world. There are others who must serve God. Those have no business with the world. All of them are from the same God. It is the same God who dwells within each person.

Some people attempt to stop eating meat. Since it is not given you to stop eating meat, continue. Other people try to stop taking drugs or injections, but if it is not meant for you, continue. It is with this understanding that the Brotherhood’s teachings overcome all the world. This explains why Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “in My Father’s house are many mansions.”

Leave each person to his own way. Follow your own path and let each person freely operate. If you come across a fornicator and your spirit does not like that, separate yourself from him, but neither hate nor despise that person. Instead keep company with people of your own spirit. Don’t resent or hate a person who is involved in diabolical practices, but keep company with those that do not perform such acts. There are those who are meant to commit certain sins if they would leave it behind, they would have problems. Since birth many have not touched anything sinful, even though they have never heard the teachings in Brotherhood. You know some people that when they only take one tablet or injection, become sick. They cannot take those things. They are not given to medication. Do not trouble your mind any longer, know your gift.

There are women who decide to serve God only. For that reason, they leave their husband. After some time you see them sexually involved, more than when they were married. The reason is that they are not gifted for that. Another woman may settle down for married life, in order to serve God better, but since it was not her gift, you see her in untold problems. Who has been able to resist the will of God? There is nobody on this Earth. The worthy thing to do is to hold on to your gift. If you have not been aware of this, realize that you have a gift. This gift has been given to you right from birth. Do not despise other people’s gift. Recognize your gift and hold on to what is yours. Brethren, let our Golden Text be read.


For I would that you all were as I am myself; but each one has his own gift from God, one in this way, and another in that.

Brethren, have you heard that Paul said he wished that all men were even as himself. But every man has his gift from God, after different manners. This is the first mistake the white race made. Certain people had high achievements. They would publish their life stories. It was expected that others should follow in their footsteps. They were told to attain the same heights. Not knowing that every man had his gift from God, one in this manner, another in that.

It is against this background that our Lord Jesus Christ always concluded His sermon by saying, those who have ears, let them hear. This gospel is directed to certain people. Another gospel will be directed to other people. Each day a gospel is directed to someone. If you come to service for a whole year, yet you do not change, keep on coming. The day will come when a gospel will touch you. On that day, you will leave your sinful ways.

You have heard what Paul said, I have planted, Apollos watered, but God has given the growth.’ All that happens around you, comes from God.

God commanded Moses to go and ask Pharaoh to release his people. He added that He would harden the Pharaoh’s heart. Consider such a situation. Do not be angry if you are sent to preach to somebody. If he refuses to be converted, do not be upset with him or yourself. Do not decide that you will make no further attempts to reach him. If God had not given you the ability, you could not have gone there. Do not murmur against God. Do not be angry or complain. Do not attribute your failure to man. Does it imply that God is not in existence?

If you are gifted to stay on your own, do not complain. Loneliness is not painful. On the other hand, if God has designated you to be with people, do not consider it an inconvenience. In that case, you must keep company with people. God expects all of us to live with everybody in peace, love, truth, humility, patience, temperance, self control and meekness. The bestowal of different gifts to man is according to His will.

Faith, for instance, is a gift. The person with the gift of faith may not sing, or pray, or preach. But that person believes in God more so than another. Whatever gift God bestows on you, do not boast or be proud of it. Use your gift for the service of God. Some desire to be virgins. There are those appointed for that. They are born without a desire for a man or woman. They are not disturbed about those things, they are indifferent.

If God did not create you to be a virgin, do not force yourself into that state. At the end, you will give up. It has been written that the 144,000 which were redeemed from the Earth, neither marry nor are given in marriage. For you to start to struggle for any position is rather late. Remain at your position and be content. Those assigned to such positions are already chosen. These are the 144,000 and in their mouths are found no guile, for they are without fault. They neither marry, nor are given in marriage. These are they who follow the Lamb, wheresoever He goes.

For you to want to live with the Father, or walk with Him, or serve Him, is rather too late. Those whom the Father has sent to accomplish His work, whether they are born in this country, or in any part of the world, or are not born yet, the work is kept for them. It is not because they are holy, nor because they can pray and fast, but it had been predestined by God.

People here say, “where will the Father get somebody to serve Him?” For everybody is corrupt. Do not bother yourself. You all have been witnesses to the manifestation of the will of God. There are those who have been set aside. In due time the 144,000 will emerge and serve God, as it has been written. Do not fight, or quarrel, weep or mourn, but be content with the position God has kept for you.

Take the case of Paul the Apostle. He was a renowned lawyer. It never entered his mind to serve God. Right from the day he was called, he forsake his family, meat and wine. He served God steadfastly. He worked harder than any other disciple. When Peter derailed from the path, it was Paul who rebuked Peter openly. This proves to you, that it is not of him who willed, nor of him who runs the race, but God who shows mercy. He bestows to every man, according to His will.

If you are kept at a lowly position, do not bother. If you are kept at an exalted position, do not boast. Wherever God has kept you, be content, do not complain. Do not struggle for any position. You can only occupy the position God has given you. Pray to the Father to reveal your gift, so that you may hold fast and serve Him accordingly. Do not act according to the instruction of man, nor according to your observation, but utilize the gift of God. What comes from man does not last, but the things that come from God last forever.

You might know a person who attends a church regularly. But after a time he backslides. This is so, because it was not for him. You may find somebody who never fornicates, nor is involved in any kind of sin. However, after awhile, you see him doing all those things. This happens, because he was not gifted for that.

Brethren, I do not intend to be tedious unto you. A stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. Those who have ears, let them hear. May God bless His Holy Words. Amen.

Sermon Delivered By Leader Olumba Olumba Obu

One God, One Nation.

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