“Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is unique because love reigns supreme. Members stay here day and night yet their pleasure and interests do not decline. The activities in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star transcends the long-standing view that monotony kills interest. Here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star you can develop to the level of not caring for food, money, clothing or any thing material. That is the manifestation of love.”

“Love can turn evil into righteousness. It can also bring anything out of nothing. If we accept the word of God and adopt the teachings of God as a way of life, then we shall be problem-free.”

“Where love abounds everything moves smoothly. When the brethren at Ikeja Bethel complained of their inability to build a bethel, I told them to forget about building a bethel but endeavor to practice love. They misunderstood me and went ahead to organize an occasion to raise money for the building project in which they realized a little amount. However, in keeping with the Father’s plan, somebody volunteered to sponsor the project single handedly and did it. Any man, who bears no malice, tells no lie, does not hate or backbite, such a person has fulfilled the law.”

“After the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, He was fond of appearing before His disciples. Each time He appeared, He bade them peace. That peace is love, longsuffering, truth, humility, and victory. This explains why I teach and bid you peace always, and admonish you not to resist an evil doer. If one slaps you on one cheek, love demands that you turn the other. Love requires you not to refuse whoever makes a request of you. If one seeks for your inner garment, love requires you to give him your outer coat; and if one desires that you go a mile with him, go two miles instead.”

“Our Lord Jesus Christ is love. That is why when he was to be crucified, he did not revolt. He accepted to be crucified for the sake of the sins of men. Amidst the disgrace and sufferings he was subjected to, he pleaded with the Father to forgive man for he does not know what he is doing. What could be greater than dying for the sins of others?”

“Whatever you do, without love, it is in vain. I believe that you are all aware of the fact that money, houses, cars, knowledge, man and all other material things are mere vanity. It is only love that is most significant in the sight of God. This is because it was through love that Christ overcame the world. Do you believe that, in whatever thing you do in this world, without love, it is all vanity and to no avail? It is for this reason that Christ enjoins us to possess love.”

“Where in the bible have you read that our Lord Jesus Christ gave somebody raw cash? At all times, He was displaying love to all that accepted Him. If you love Him, and heed to his words, you will remain in his love forever and all your problems will be solved.”

“Christ is the embodiment of love, and for that reason, He was not a hireling. That is why you are advised to stick to love, so that you may be a good shepherd as Christ was, but not a hireling.”

“Do you count the act of healing and preaching for money the real work of God? Such a person is a hireling because he lacks love. Such an activity cannot avail you anything good. Some kill their fellow men for the sake of acquiring money and then use the proceeds derived to build a church. What kind of church would you term such a building? Some use their ill-gotten money to donate during fund raising in the church and you call that to have love. What kind of love do they have? If they were to have love, they would have stopped killing their fellow human beings.”

“Have you heard or read in the print media that in Northern Nigeria during one of their several riots, petrol was poured on the roof of one of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star bethels there and fire thrown to it just to get it ablaze yet nothing happened? The building was not slightly burnt at all. The people tried all they could to burn down the building yet they could not succeed. This incident took place in Bauchi State. Who do you think sustained the building if not love? If love could protect a building; how much more man?”

“He first created two persons, Adam and Eve and commanded them to procreate. Today, can you count the number of persons God has so far created? We are all one. Love has made us one. Love is an elevating force, and so if you have love you would be rated higher than others are.”

“If you come by someone that preaches, gives visions, dreams, prays and heals for money, note that such a person lacks love. If you have love, you would not do anything for money. After all does it mean that money is greater than brotherly love?”

“If you distribute all your wealth to the poor and cast yourself into the flame of fire, if you do not have love, all are in vain. Even if you preach at all times without love, all is in vain. If you have the power to raise the dead, make the lame to walk and be able to accomplish such wonderful works, but lack love, it is of no use. Even though you may be so knowledgeable to the extent of knowing the abode of God, the beginning and end of the world and all other hidden things in this world, but lack love, all avail you nothing. Hence, you are bound to perish along with your wisdom.”

“If you were to have love, you would not have committed sin. If you had love, would you have spoken ill of one another, would you have stolen, committed murder, blasphemed, fornicated, told lies, counted, or planned evil against one another? You would not have caused division, rancour, or segregation.”

“Let no man deceive you, for it is not the possession of the things of this world that forms the prerequisite of entering into the kingdom, rather, it is the possession of love. Because all the things that abound in the world shall pass away while love endures for ever. That is why anything that is built on love is always very successful and bears much fruits. Such a thing would be liken to the mustard seed which is small when on its own, but when cultivated, it becomes very big and forms shelter for the birds of the air and other animals.”

“Whatever you do, without love, it is in vain. I believe that you are all aware of the fact that money, houses, cars, knowledge, man and all other material things are mere vanity. It is only love that is most significant in the sight of God. This is because it was through love that Christ overcame the world. Do you believe that, in whatever thing you do in this world, without love, it is all vanity and to no avail? It is for this reason that Christ enjoins us to possess love.”

“Whoever claims that he loves God but does not love his fellow brother is a liar for whoever loves God must also love every other person equally.”

“Love, it is said, does no evil and it is the fulfilment of the law. If you regard somebody as yourself, will you plan any evil against him? If you love a person, you cannot lie to him, neither can you cheat him or harm him in any manner, this is because your consciences would not allow you to think of any evil bearing in mind that whatever you do to another person, you are indirectly doing it to yourself. That is the more reason you should love your neighbours as yourself.”

“In your dreams, visions and utterances, there should be nothing but love. Your eyes should see love; your ears should hear love; your nose should smell love and your mind should perceive love. Your entire body should be covered with love.”

“Love is the ultimate and it is the kingdom of God. The fact that you sing love in your songs and preach it in your gospel cannot help you except you practice it. To heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper and so on, are all works of faith. But remember that faith without work is dead. What then is the work? It is love. If all the inhabitants of the world should love one another, then stealing, hatred, murder, court cases and every other problem would cease.”

“Whoever loves his fellow human being has loved God and would love even the animals. Love does not impute sins to his fellow man nor condemn any.”

“Whoever claims that he loves God but does not love his fellow brother is a liar for whoever loves God must also love every other person equally.”

“Love is the common identity of the children of God. When we are merciful to one another, live in peace with one another, in addition to possessing kindness, patience, and meekness, we are children of God. Such is the person that God recognizes.”

“Love is the weapon that does the work in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Where have you seen an individual building a cathedral alone? This laudable task is accomplished only here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. Individuals single handedly erected many cathedrals like Eket, Okokomaiko, Kirikiri, etc. Love is the force behind these great accomplishments. Many more things are achievable through love.”

“In this new kingdom, the new covenant is love. “A new commandment,” the Lord said, “I give unto you that ye love one another even as I loved you.” Our Lord Jesus Christ bore all sorts of derogatory names and persecution; but he was not discouraged from doing good works. He exhibited love in practical terms.”

“Borrow a leaf from America. It is only five hundred years since they migrated from England but can you imagine their position now? Now our resources are below standard but watch and see we are going to progress in as much as we have the Father and His Christ. Everything is going to be established. You should adhere strictly to loving one another at all times. Take delight in training people whether in educational institution, trading etc and after such training, give them gainful employment to enable them earn a living and provide for their families. Whatever help you can render to each other, do it; be it farming, trading etc. America took five hundred years to prosper but this is an everlasting kingdom where all good things such as wealth, wisdom, good people, good health, prowess, joy, peace and all the virtues of God are found. The entire world will be surprised at the growth of this kingdom because of the statement which says, there is no disappointment in Jesus. He has never deceived any person but it is we who deceive Him. In the same manner, the Israelites, Greeks, Romans, English, Americans, the Western world have failed God. Would you fail Him also? It is love alone that reigns supreme in the kingdom of God.

“Imagine a situation where God fearing people are governors, presidents or directors, vice chancellors, commissioners, etc leading their subjects on God’s principles, peace would surely reign supreme in such a city. Even the security offices, treasury, all financial institutions if handled by the children of God, using love as their watchword, there would be no problem whatsoever in such a place; for with love all things are possible. Love binds us together and teaches us to do good at all times in our lives which would even surprise us to the extent of proclaiming the fact that our problems have been solved be it poverty, sickness etc.”

“If the entire world were to know that whoever loves God will equally love his brother, there would have been no war, murder, no problems whatsoever, or the sufferings which the inhabitants of the world are experiencing. At all times, our duty is to care for the less privileged and the destitute in the society, as recorded in James 1:27;

“Pure religion and undefiled before God
and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless
and widows in their affliction, and to keep
himself unspotted from the world.”

“If we preoccupy ourselves with charity then we will have fellowship with one another. If we accept the deal of charity, we will always have the interest of one another at heart. And the blood of our |Lord Jesus Christ will cleanse you of all sins.”

“Have you ever reasoned within yourself why God should choose to come to man despite the multitude of sin committed by him? The reason is not far fetched; love does it all. Unfortunately, man does not look for God except when he is in difficulty. Before someone comes to God, know that he is having some problems about money, wealth, admission, employment, security, protection etc. Does this portray that you have this fervent love?”

“Since I epitomize love, feed through love, walk, speak and show you the ways of love, I hereby mandate you all to take up this exemplary virtue as you have seen in me. Truly speaking, I do not know or hear, speak or eat, or operate any other thing except love. This is my garment, I preach it through out my life; I expect you to emulate me. Beloved, it is said, it is never too late to mend; if you use this opportunity to play about and you are devoid of love, you have perished for ever.”

“Love is the first instruction I have received and the first word of God I ever know. My first step begins with love. I am not interested in your practices here or in that of the world. I see only love and have interest in love. It is love alone that works and fulfils everything here. This is the reason why I show love in its true perspective.”

“I use love as my food, my words, my movements, as what I wear and everything about me. I distribute this love in stages and in numbers to different planes of manifests. Therefore if I can express my love to you, it is incumbent on you to have and express this love to others. Love is sounded in heaven and here on earth. So, every one of you is expected to possess this love because whoever has no love has no life.”

“The heaven is full of joy; the stars, the moon, and the sun are embodiments of love. It was through love that they were created. Love has dominated the entire world, nothing again is heard of.”

“All shaky things are removed and love takes dominion in you, in your family, city and rules the entire world. Nothing else operates except love which has extended its tentacle to all the creations of God.”

“Love is wonderful and powerful. It penetrates all facets of life, now it has annihilated the temple of Satan completely. Love has used the various portions of the land for the temple of God. Do not request for anything from God again because love has arrived in a big way at your doorpost.”

“From this day, I have declared from the high heaven that your work is to love all people equally. You should do everything possible to carry it out. Go and demonstrate it; love your friends, enemies, relatives or strangers equally. Even those who wish you death, who sent you to prison and cheated you, love them and do good to all. Even if you are beaten up or cursed, continue to love the person for it is our only duty.”

“Recall when Christ was crucified; Pilate and Herod instantly became friends. This shows why we must imbibe the love brought by our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ died so that Christendom might unite.”

“If you love God with your whole heart, it means you have loved all men. Whoever loves God with his whole mind has revealed the glory of God in him.”

“When you love, you will not quarrel or scourge any person; you will rather call everyone to yourself and will hardly be furious with any man.”

“It is only love that rules. Without love, nothing else can rule the world. It is said, ‘Go into the world; Africa, America, and other parts of the world, and express this love’. When everyone is acquainted with love, it marks the beginning of the survival of everything.”

“Love marks the beginning and the end of all things. Without love, nothing works. There is nothing in Brotherhood except love. In Brotherhood, love is our food, shoes, clothes and shelter. There is nothing in operation here except love. In God’s kingdom, it is love alone that accommodates the children of God. Finally, you must understand that love does not curse or trouble his neighbour and it is the fulfilment of the law.”

“Therefore, it is our duty to practice this love to one another, assisting one another whenever he or she has problems because our Lord Jesus Christ laid down His life for our sake, so we too ought to lay down our lives for the sake of our brothers and sisters.”

“Not minding how sinful we are, the abuses we have rendered unto Him, the beating that came from us unto Him, and the fact that we nailed Him on the cross He still loves us. He does not mind our rejection of Him and how we called Him Beelzebub, yet he still loves us till date. That is what we should emulate, that is why we do not preach anybody except him alone. That love of God as demonstrated by Christ is what is required of all of us in the entire world. Can you now realize that it is love alone which embodies his life and constitutes our power.”

“Love is not easily provoked, does not lie, seeketh not her own, love is not proud, envieth not, is not puffed up, love does not segregate, kill, tell lies, there is no craftiness in love.”

“Who is the person in this world who can boldly rejoice and receive a little child except love?”

“Whosoever has love has God, is with God, dwells in God and has everlasting life. Why do we kill another person, is it not traceable to annoyance? Why do we tell lies and practice what is evil? Is it not traceable to lack of love. Love is the leading thing. Whosoever rejoiceth with any that comes his way by loving him, such rejoiceth and received a little child.”

“Brethren, we sing about love in our songs, talk about love in our sermons, prayers, vision and in everything we do, love is the new world and wherever there is love, there is light and it scares away darkness.”

“If the children of God render an anthem and the Christ’s student Natural choir also sing, if you become inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit and as a result you show appreciation by giving them some money, this by implication means you are exhibiting love to them.”

“Brethren, if a person comes in here and shouts hallelujah, hallelujah, the lord has made me to see the light today, I have gone round the world, but I did not see a place so attractive and heavenly like Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, etc by this singular action he has successfully drawn the minds of brethren to God. This also is another way of expressing love.”

“When we talk about love, it means being grateful to God, being thankful, happy at all times and professing all the good things God has done. It does not consist in noise making or violence. If you have anything you can offer to God, do it generously and variously, but if you have nothing material to offer to God, give him your heart in place of what you should have offered. This is an expression of love.”

“Moreover, any person that is satisfied with what the lord has done for him and believes fervently in his heart that he is satisfied, is expressing his love for God.”

“If you love, do so with joy for there is great joy in heaven amongst the angels and this constitutes the kingdom of God. The most joyous thing in the kingdom is love. Love is joy; love is obedience and hearkening unto the injunction of God.”

“Who are those without errors? They are those who possess the virtue of love. Have you not observed that it is not an easy thing for one to receive someone and begin to rejoice with him or her? Rejoicing is a sign of love in the kingdom of God.”

“Who are those who honour their fathers and mothers apart from those who have love? Love is the only thing in existence. Who are those who do not abuse their fathers or mothers if not those who have love? When once you have love you are always joyful, smiling, glad, humble, and endowed with the rest of the heavenly virtues.”

“The four wise men came and bowed down and worshiped the infant Jesus. There were other people in the vicinity where Christ was born, who were not aware of the birth of Christ. The reason behind the four wise men visiting Christ is love.”

“No one can receive a little child or rejoice with a little child if such a person has no love. If you do not have love you can not receive or rejoice with anyone talk less of being able to perform any thing good because you are already dead and in hell.”

“Brethren, have you not realized the truth that, if we can love one another as ourselves, it invariably means that we love God and consequently have no problems. If we should love all creation of God and rejoice and receive them all equally, it invariably means we have rejoiced and received God and Christ and as a result we have fulfilled the will of God. This is what constitutes the kingdom of God.”

“Our lord Jesus Christ died for the remission of our sins. It was through the love he had for mankind that brought such a great sacrifice.”

“Beloved, our Lord Jesus was the richest but because of our sake; he distributed all the riches that we might be rich. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to redistribute this wealth to many who have not been so privileged.”

“Beloved, Brotherhood is yet to come into true manifestation. You are expected to attend to the needs of all and sundry anywhere humanity is found. By so doing the glory of Brotherhood and the glory of God shall be revealed.”

“If we should receive / rejoice with the little ones that means we have love; by honoring our father it means we have love. Consequently we shall be problems free in keeping with his teachings.”

“Brethren, If you read John 3:16, you will realize that love is of God for He so loved the world. He created all others things first and created man last. Because of the love He had for man He gave man the authority to rule over all things in creation. Yet you as His child created out of His image do not have that love and despite the fact that we do not recognize Him He still loves us. Despite that we indulge in stealing, cursing God, plan to kill Him, his love abounds faithfully with us.”

“He still loves us despite all these things done to Him. Even when Enoch went to God and told Him that there was no righteous person on earth, that all the inhabitants of the world do not seek for Him and as a result God wanted to destroy the world, He – God still sent His son out of love to salvage us. Upon all the miraculous works, Christ did: He made the dead to come back to life, the blind to see etc we still cursed Him. Despite that we do not listen to Him His love towards us grows stronger and stronger. Therefore brethren, that love is what is expected of you. It is only love that you should demonstrate. Hence your speech, thought, laughter should constitute love. Whatever is heard from you should be founded on love for that is the kingdom of God.”

“The crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ could not bring immediate salvation unto man, although it was a clear demonstration of love. In keeping with His mission, He was not meant to quarrel, fight or commit any evil act. He asked the Father to save man. This explains why if you put your finger in His eyes, He will not say anything and also why when Peter brought out a sword and cut off the ears of one of the Roman soldier who came to arrest our Lord Jesus Christ. He [our Lord Jesus Christ] told Peter to return the sword into it sheath for he who kills with the sword shall perish by the sword. He took the already cut ear and put it back in its position. Had our Lord Jesus Christ not rebuked Peter, the entire world would have perished. Therefore, no matter how generous you are, without love, it benefits you nothing.”

“You can pursue people away from a certain community, claim the community land to be the property of our Lord Jesus Christ and go ahead to erect mansions for Him, but if you do have perfect love, your endeavor remains futile. Had Christ not possessed love, He would have been offended when He was abused and blasphemed, but He was not because He was perfect. This was in conformity with the demand of the Father. The Father had in heaven demanded for someone who will come and save the world by enduring all forms of persecution and tribulation, but the heavens remained silent, only our Lord Jesus Christ accepted to come and save mankind. Consequently, He endured every persecution and tribulation meted out to Him. This explains why He was able to endure all manner of persons in the world and never revenged anything done to Him. Had He revenged, He would not have resurrected from the dead. He was able to conform to the Father’s demand because of His steadfastness; that is why only our Lord Jesus Christ deserves honour and praises.”

“Brethren, the love our Lord Jesus Christ possessed is likened to the mustard seed which germinates and grows into a huge tree. He endured all the abuses meted out to Him because of the love He possessed. Even when Pilate asked Him to defend Himself on account of the accusations levelled against Him, He did not respond and was able to overcome them.”

“Recall the night He told His Disciples to watch and pray but they rather slept. Had they all been awake when the Roman soldiers came to arrest Christ there would have been trouble and fighting and had this occurred, He would not have been the One, and He and the world would have perished. Therefore, if you want to identify with God as His child, you must fulfill His requirement, which is love. This condition stipulates that you should not quarrel or backbite, but rather have patience and tolerance in all things done to you. Additionally, you have to embrace all situations as they come your way. He salvaged and redeemed mankind with love.”

“Brethren, our Lord Jesus Christ, out of love died and shed his precious blood for the sake of our sins. Therefore, we ought to lay down our lives for other brethren out of love. Since we are being saved by Christ, we must endeavor to save our brethren too. The reason being that people do not know that the kingdom has come, hence, it is you obligation to go out and disseminate this news to all and sundry about the arrival of the kingdom. You are to preach to the thieves and hoodlums not to steal any more because that time has passed for we are now in the kingdom of God. If you do not go out and spread this good news to them, they will not realize this fact. Rather, they will continue in concoction, juju practice, falsehood, stealing, killing and other evil perpetrations.”

“We are enjoined to enter through love for the process of spreading the word of God would cost us nothing. While moving along the streets, we can as well disseminate the gospel, bear eloquent witness to the Kingdom of God. The reason being that a lot of people do not know that this kingdom has arrived, hence, we are in the new world.”

“We always desire that God should continue to love us while we do not love Him. We always desire Him to continue to render good services to us while we only continue to say, “thank you Father.” “Thank you for the children, money that you have given me etc.” what have you done for Him? Have you not heard that you should do exactly unto Him as He has done for you? If He gives you ten children, you should surrender them unto Him.”

“What do you think made Abraham to become the friend of God? It was because God demanded Isaac, the only son that Abraham had for a sacrifice unto Him. Abraham obeyed God by taking his only son to the place where the sacrifice would be made. As a result he became a friend of God. Remember the ten lepers who met with Christ and Christ directed them to go and show themselves unto the priest, that they should go and sacrifice in accordance with Mosaic Law. When one of them realized that he had been cleansed, he returned back to Christ and fell upon His feet and thanked Him. Then Christ questioned him “were you not ten, where are the remaining nine persons?” Furthermore, He said to him, “you are the only good person. Go, and as from now you are cleansed.” This leper reciprocated the love shown to him by Christ. What the entire world has forgotten is that it has not done to God exactly as He has done for it. Rather we prefer to sit down and relax very well while our Father continues to toil for us everyday. You desire that your wife should continue to give you things, likewise your son but you do not give them anything. God is the only person to continue to give you something while you do not give anything to Him.”

“Christ did have love. That was why when he was beaten, tortured and killed he did not resist it. If he had tried to resist, the whole world would have perished. The moment he decided to drink from that cup filled with sins, all were made well.”

“Therefore, love is the beginning and end of this kingdom. If our Lord Jesus Christ did not love God with the whole of His heart, spirit and soul, He would not have such great signs and potential at the age of twelve years. At the age of twelve, His parents took Him to Jerusalem for a marriage feast. He left them and went into the temple where he engaged the scribes and the learned men in a session of questions and answers. When His parents got home and discovered that He was left behind, they went back to Jerusalem and found Him in the temple. The parents felt offended and asked Him why He should punish them. In His reply, the Lord asked His parents whether He was not supposed to be in His Father’s house. But they did not understand which Father He was referring to at the age of twelve. However, because of the commandment which urges children to obey their parents, He had to accompany His parents back to their home. That shows you the extent of His love for His Father.”


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